Strength & Conditioning

Weight Training Philosophy

The Strength and Conditioning program is not designed to be a quick fix program. We view your training over a 4 year period. The goals of our weight training philosophy are:

1. Prevent Injury
2. Improve Performance
3. Develop Speed
4. Develop Strength

• Founded on the basis of spiritual principles, practical application, and great expectations.

• Designed to address improved performance and enhance injury prevention.

• Integrates with the specific sports program philosophy.

• Strength training is the foundation of the program.

• Build upon foundation through plyometric, speed and agility training, and sport specific conditioning to develop athleticism and improved sports performance.

• Utilize accurate, valid, and reliable testing protocols to assess progress, provide effective feedback, and serve as an adjunct to the athletes training experience.

• Success in sport is about enabling the athlete. We will provide great coaching via effective and thorough technique instruction, motivation, and communication.

Vision Statement

Greenville College Strength and Conditioning program seeks to become one of the premier NCAA and NCCAA Strength and Conditioning programs, Providing outstanding coaches and as a well managed fitness center

Mission Statement

The mission of Greenville College Strength and Conditioning program is to provide athletes with the knowledge, and support to build a Christ centered attitude, work ethic mental toughness, discipline and pride, in self and total program We believe that the foundation of all athletic success is built in the weight room, We will always be implementing and designing new and up to date programs that focus on functional strength and conditioning